Najo Simple Hoop Earrings

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Najo Simple Hoop Earring

Some earrings are born to follow you to the ends of the earth, and we guarantee these radiant beauties will carry you confidently everywhere! Radiant sterling silver forms into captivating hoops, so elegant in their simplicity.

sterling silver
2mm x 25mm hoops
lever clasp

When you need a stunning, yet down-to-earth look, slip on these hoops, inspired by the fresh rosy glimmer of sunrise. Our artisans have plated sterling silver in mellow rose gold before finishing these rounded beauties with an easy clip-and-go lever clasp.

sterling silver
rose gold

Enormously practical and delectable to look at, these hoops always stir in the perfect finishing touch. Our silversmiths have plated lustrous sterling silver in yellow gold before sculpting the rounded shape with a clean, contemporary edge.

sterling silver
yellow gold


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