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Iron Clay Bangle Silver Beaten Hinged Bangle

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 Iron Clay Silver Beaten Hinged Bangle 

The hinged mechanism of the bangle elevated its design, allowing it to seamlessly wrap around the wrist like a fluid stroke of metallic poetry. The hinge, an engineering marvel in itself, was hidden within the intricate folds of the beaten silver, ensuring a flawless aesthetic that celebrated both form and function. This subtle joint enabled the bangle to embrace the wearer with a comforting grace, adapting to the natural contours of the wrist.

Each segment of the bangle was a canvas where the artisan's creativity flourished. The beaten texture, akin to tiny ripples frozen in time, reflected a sense of movement and dynamism. It was as if the silver had captured a moment of nature's own handiwork – the gentle caress of wind on water or the subtle undulation of golden fields in the breeze.

The surface, though marked by the rhythmic beating, remained polished to a brilliant sheen. The juxtaposition of the textured and smooth surfaces created a captivating visual interplay, inviting the beholder to explore the tactile and visual dimensions of the piece.

This Silver Beaten Hinged Bangle was more than a mere accessory; it was a narrative etched in metal, a tale of craftsmanship and artistry. Whether adorning the wrist of a modern trendsetter or someone with an affinity for timeless elegance, the bangle whispered stories of skilled hands and creative fervor, echoing through the ages in its sterling simplicity. It stood not only as a testament to the artisan's expertise but also as a shimmering embodiment of the enduring allure of silver, forged into wearable poetry.

Sterling silver hinged hammered finish bangle. Stylish and classic, a true statement piece. 


2 cms wide x 62 mm internal diameter

Ironclay Silver Jewellery was founded in the early 90‘s by Adriana Corti, with the idea of creating a strong bond between Mexico and Australia through beautiful jewellery and excellent craftsmanship. She has stayed true to this ideal by only presenting jewellery from Mexico in traditional and contemporary designs.

Adriana travels to Mexico twice a year to design, create and manage the new collections that are released each season. IRONCLAY prides itself on excellent quality and great designs, showing premium craftsmanship by their artisans in Mexico.