A Von Treskow Small Mama Bolt Rose Gold Silver Bracelet

A Von Treskow Small Mama Bolt Rose Gold Silver Bracelet

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 Von Treskow 


 The rose gold plated Small Mama bracelet with silver bolt. Von Treskow’s signature ‘Mama’ style of chains are renowned for their chunky, bubbly style of curb links.

Chain link width: Approx. 12mm
Materials: Sterling silver, rose gold plate

Hand crafted in Melbourne since 2004, Von Treskow jewellery draws its name and values from the maternal grandmother of youthful head designer, Eva Lemmen. The name reflects the classical ethos and contemporary styling behind the brand. Von Treskow’s sleekly designed modern pieces are created with a traditional focus on quality workmanship and care for every detail.

Eva emphasises the wearability of Von Treskow jewellery, opting for subtlety over showiness and always pursuing an aesthetic of simple elegance. Her handmade designs in gold and sterling silver accentuate the natural beauty of the semi precious gemstones and historic coins that form the centerpieces of Von Treskow creations.

 Hand Made In Australia

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