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  • Gammie Clover Silver White Enamel Hoop Earring


Gammie Clover Silver White Enamel Hoop Earring

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Gammie Clover Silver White Enamel Earring

The clover motif in delicate jewelry and modern fashion offers a blend of timeless symbolism and contemporary elegance. Its appeal lies in its versatility, the positive connotations of luck and prosperity, and its ability to enhance both everyday and formal looks. Whether in jewellery, fashion accessories, or home decor, the clover motif continues to captivate with its charm and beauty

For a subtle and sophisticated look, pair a delicate clover necklace or bracelet with casual outfits. Simple designs in gold or silver can add a touch of elegance without overwhelming the overall ensemble.

Clover motif jewelry is perfect for layering. Combine a clover pendant necklace with other chains of varying lengths for a trendy, layered look. Similarly, stack clover motif bracelets with other bangles or cuffs.


Set with natural stones and Enamel

Sterling silver 925 

1.5cm diametre 

2cm drop