Alessi Chilli Cruncher Piccantino

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Designers: LPWK, Jim Hannon-Tan

Piccantino created by LPWK et Jim Hannon-Tan is a Chili scruncher. It can be use in the kitchen or on the table and brings to mind the famous red chili-shaped good luck charm from Naples.

In delicate, biological design it unites two very different senses: the tender softness of transparent rubber and the hard elegance of polished steel. It was conceived to solve the problem this irritating spice presents of coming into direct contact with the skin. When gentle pressure is applied on the rubber container, red pepper gets broken into small pieces without the fingers coming in contact.

It can be a gift; a small, precious object for connoisseurs of spicy food… and like chili itself: it goes just about anywhere.

Made is silicon rubber, red and 18/10 Mirror Polished Stainless Steel cap.

Dimensions: H 9cm
Diameter: 3.00cm