H Solito Antwerp Multi Look Scarf Blue

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Solito Scarves,  beautiful multi look accessories. 

Multi colour patchwork. 

25% wool, 40% poly cotton , 35% Cotton

size 180cm x 180cm


SOLITO, a name derived from the names of the Children of a European family of World Travelers.

Based in the heart of Europe, but designed with a Team of EUROPEAN, ASIAN and AFRICAN roots, SOLITO will hopefully bring you a bit of JOY and HAPPINESS.

Solito is produced with lots of love and attention in Asia with a mixture of fine fabrics that range from Cotton to Poly Silk, Poly Wool and Cashmere. Our team really wanted to reach out to the sophisticated ladies in the world.

To make sure the wearer has an exclusive look, they produce a maximum of 200 scarves per style. By bringing out new designs each season, they aspire to keep on amazing their customers.

Solito team