Seletti Bird Lamp Playing Black

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I hardly think a few birds are going to bring about the end of the world.

The ill-fated words of the naive Mrs Bundy in the Hitchcock classic may have lead to a feather-ruffling horror plot, but these birds can only inspire a happily-ever-after. With a bulb clasped in his beak, this clever crow will happily light whichever corner or crevice of your home that you choose.

These crows are intricately detailed from feather to claw and styled in matte black for a stark, stripped-back finish. The sleek Bird Lamp designed by Marcantonio, is available in three designs, with standing and wall-mounted variations, and are available in black and white colourways. If only Tippi Hedren had been surrounded by birds as agreeable as these!

Lamp Lumens 120
Lamps Included Yes - LED Lamp Supplied
Dimmable NO
Width 335mm
Height 105mm
Depth/Projection 115mm
Kelvin 2200 K - Soft Warm White