Palas Blessings Bracelet Evil Eye

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Designed in Australia as a small range of protection bracelets to wear with your other bracelets and bangles or simply on their own. Will suit all ages, male and female and fits the gifting price point of under $30. 

The Evil Eye blessing bracelet is handmade from sterling silver, brass and cotton and measures 8 x 8mm. This adjustable bracelet is part of our Blessing Bracelet range and was designed based on our best selling symbols. These mini charm bracelets are set at the perfect gifting price point and can be worn together as a stack or individually. Buy for yourself or as a gift for a loved one of any age or gender to inspire daily love and protection. The warm and intricate nature of these blessing bracelets will ensure it is a much loved piece that will be a constant reminder of the friendship and love that you share.

Materials Sterling silver, brass and cotton