Etikette Lobethal Figgy Pudding Candle

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LOBETHAL - Figgy Pudding

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house, golden candlelight was flickering. A nostalgic fragrance of sumptuous desserts and fruits with orange, almond, cinnamon and spicy clove at its heart. This warm, delicious fragrance evokes the aromas and comfort of vanilla and malt with just a hint of brandy sauce.

Fragrance Notes:
Figgy Pudding


Have you ever wondered why we named our Christmas fragrance Lobethal?

Lobethal is a small town in the Adelaide Hills, famous for it's community Christmas light display. It's a South Australian tradition to follow the twinkling lights through Lobethal and it's surrounds. This Christmas tradition has been going for 60+ years and brings so many people together. Lobethal in Figgy Pudding is our nod to this humble and happy celebration. 

Additional Information:

500ml Double wick   11cm x 9cm 100 hours