and O Design Hand Made Porcelain Inlay Earrings

and O Design Hand Made Porcelain Inlay Earrings

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Inlay Watermelon Earrings

14kt Gold Filled Hoops

Peach, Steel, Mint, Silver, Grey Brown & White

21mm wide, 20mm hoops

by, and O design


Lovely handmade Clover Stud earrings, made from Australian fine porcelain clay in original colours

All the and O design items are made in very small batch with lots of love.

( slight variations may occur)

Since 2009 from a home studio in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Japanese artist Yumi Ando has hand crafted intricately painted lustre necklaces and earrings, curious bunny broches, miniature plant hangers, facetted geometric forms and more. Inspired by the natural world, industrial forms and drawing on her Japanese heritage, each piece is a unique cultural fusion and tells a personal story.

Shaped from porcelain, earthernware and raku, all her works are decorated and assembled by hand. Her pastel and traditional Japanese colours; indigo blue, matcha green and sakura pink were first created in 2010. She has been making lustre decorated jewellery and homewares since 2011 and her lustre work and colours are now part of and O design’s signature style which has recently become a trend in itself.