M Erfurt Scarf Floral Print Patchwork Silk

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Luxury scarves from Copenhagen .

Silk Patcwork Scarf 

70 x 200cm

100% Silk


erfurt luxury accessories

erfurt luxury accessories is a Danish scarves brand launched by the Danish designer Lotte Erfurt Hjorth and her husband, CEO Jens Jacob Hjorth in 1997.

the erfurt brand dna

The erfurt brand DNA is Scandinavian but the designs are deeply inspired by cultures all over our wonderful world. It is characterized by beautiful colors and details, unique to each individual scarf. All erfurt handmade scarves are made of high quality garments and are treated with delicate care throughout its different steps to uniqueness. This accounts for how the garments are colored, woven, printed, sewn and even packed - also by hand. We love what we do and aspire to continually provide you with extraordinary products.


Erfurt is our family name and dates back to 15th century Europe where Her Majesty The Queen Margrethe I of Denmark was presented a special gift by the Emperor of Prussia. The Emperor gave her his best valet, and since then, Her Majesty The Queen Margrethe I of Denmark, had a royal valet named Erfurt. Given the long history of European Emperors and Royals, a special feel for excellence has evolved and has to this day developed the brand erfurt luxury accessories.

erfurt design

The designs are made at the family country estate in Denmark, which has been residing the generation since 1849. 

erfurt scarves and more

Most erfurt scarves are made from natural fibers and thus have a very soft and appealing feel, which together with the extraordinary colorways and designs, have contributed to the brand being placed among the world’s leading brands within luxury scarves and accessories. Other than online, the erfurt products are sold in International Department stores and exclusive fashion houses across the globe.

- Look for the characteristic red squared erfurt logo, ensuring high quality and unique designs –

we love scarves  the erfurt family